Here’s how it works…

- We are giving away 3 pairs of Google Glass each month.
- You gain one entry into the monthly draw for every person who becomes a member of TCT through your unique affiliate link.

So, just for example, you refer 3 people to TCT, and they become members. Your name gets entered 3 times.

- 10 people, your name goes in 10 times
- 50 people, your name goes in 50 times!

The contest will begin midnight on the 1st of each month, ending 11:59pm on the last day of each month MST.

At the end of the contest the entries will be tallied and our custom programmed random winner generating software will be used to determine the winner. GUID sorting is the method used to insure a truly random winner is generated.

The winners of the previous month will be announced within the first week of the subsequent month. If you’re one of the winners we will ship the bundle or send you (worldwide) $2000.00 USD via Paypal/Payza/Check within the first week of the following month.